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Meet the team

We love what we do

The Technology Projects team is comprised of hard-working, fun-loving web practitioners. But don't be fooled, the many hands that come together as one are skilled in an array of areas—we do so much more than just make fantastic web applications.

Bill Brock

Title: Bossman

Technology Projects Alter Ego: Captain America

Bill - Headshot

As founder of Technology Projects, it's no surprise that Bill Brock's strong suit is database design and leadership. In addition to running 20+ miles on any given morning before coming into the office, Bill gets fired up about technology, psychology, sociology, nutrition, distance running, and seeing people accomplish things they've never done before.

Laura Brock

Title: Systems Maintenance Administrator

Technology Projects Alter Ego: Catwoman

Laura - Headshot

Having cat-like reflexes is one of the many talents that Laura exhibits when it comes to maintaining our system updates and security. In addition to having a keen focus on her work, Laura enjoys reading, entertaining friends, working in the yard, and silversmithing. If you're ever in this neck of the woods, be sure to check out her metal jewelry work at the Intown Gallery.

James Harris

Title: Web Application Developer

Technology Projects Alter Ego: Thor

James - Headshot

James is a Portland, Maine native who landed in Chattanooga by way of receiving a B.S. in Game Design & Development in Florida. He can rock some JavaScript, CSS, ColdFusion, and problem-solving in general. New movies, video games, theme parks, and vacations get him excited. To hear him speak endlessly, just strike up a conversation about anything nerdy: comics, board games, new technologies, or anything of the like. His daughter's name is Zelda if you want to chat about kids or gaming.

Mike Warren

Title: Web Application Developer

Technology Projects Alter Ego: Hawkeye

Mike - Headshot

Mike joined the Tech Proj team from Cleveland, TN. He gets fired up about code—anything SQL, ColdFusion, CFWheels, ColdRoute, JQuery, CSS, etc. He insists we can give the server admin tasks to James, and leave him swimming in his code pool. Mike can quote movies until the end of time, he likes getting things to work, playing Warframe and ESO, cooking, and the great outdoors.

Karen Adams

Title: Office Manager

Technology Projects Alter Ego: Wonder Woman

Karen - Headshot

Hailing from Flat Top Mountain near Dunlap, TN, Karen comes by her Technology Projects alter ego (Wonder Woman) quite naturally. Her role as office manager and her keen attention to detail, keep Technology Projects running like a well-oiled machine. When she's not at work, Karen enjoys overseeing home improvement projects and spending time with her grandkids, husband, and cats.